Outdoor activity venue offering motorised and country sports to stag/hen and family groups. Near Lacock

Owl Lodge, Forest Rd, Lacock, Wilts, SN15 2PN
+44 (0)1249 730388

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Motorised Sports

Honda Pilots Off-road buggies for acceleration junkies! Very simple to drive 400cc automatic machines with hand operated controls. Once briefed on the controls and safely strapped in, race across the marked out course against the clock, protected by a full roll cage.

Quad Bikes with four wheels! Fully automatic 125cc ATV bikes (driving experience not essential). Test your skill negotiating the course with precision rather than just speed. Slaloms, limbos, roundabouts and chicanes are a constant test of your control.

Reverse Steer 4 x 4 A Land Rover designed to confuse! Everything in reverse isn’t as easy as you think, especially whilst relying on team members to navigate you and your machine around the nerve-testing course.

Blindfold Driving Penalties incurred for bad driving – being blindfolded is no excuse!

Country Sports

Archery – one of the worlds oldest sports, using Olympic recurve bows.

Speed Shooting (air pistol) – test your skills of accuracy and aim.

Air Rifles Target Shooting – pre charged air rifles with telescopic sights.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – 12 or 20 bore shotgun, live ammunition and fast moving clays.

Laser Clays – deactivated shotguns using laser beams and electronic scoreboard, totally safe!

Falconry – tuition on-site for handling and flying Falcons & Eagles with professional falconer.

Axe Throwing – authentic Viking axes! Thrown at wooden ring targets.

Listed here are the most popular activities, though there are a great many more ideas to explore. Please note that all of the above include a safety briefing and instruction.

Opening Hours

9.00 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. 7 days a week

Payment Methods

Cash (Pounds Sterling), Cheque, Bank Transfer (BACS)