Demuths Vegetarian Restaurant is starting a new era this summer following the sale of the restaurant to Head Chef Richard Buckley and business partners Robert Eldon and Helen Wilshire.  Richard is looking forward to continuing the work he has undertaken over the last 4 years,  developing a clean, fresh and modern approach to vegetarian food in the south west.

The restaurant continues to offer high quality field to plate vegetarian food and Richard will remain head chef as well as co-owner.  It will undergo a complete re-brand over the coming months to become the Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen.

“I am really excited about continuing and expanding my work with local growers as well as my team of chefs to develop food that celebrates all of the great produce that Bath and the surrounding area has to offer. We will, as  always, be mixing  flavour and texture combinations, so that locals and visitors alike can benefit from our innovative seasonal menu.  We are grateful to all the work Rachel has done over the years and are looking forward to taking this restaurant to the next level.”

We want our food to be something special  that anyone can enjoy, for a quick lunch or a romantic dinner.  You don’t need to put on a suit to be treated to the very best produce and cooking.  In line with this we have just introduced a new strand to the lunch menu offering small plates to allow customers to pick and choose a little of everything they fancy in our relaxed Georgian town house.

The Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen is open seven days a week from 12-to 3 and 5.30 to 9.30.

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