roman baths

A new campaign by Bath Musuems encourages visitors to ‘Rome’ around the cobblestoned city of Bath and unlock its secrets as museums come to life.

‘Take a trip to the World Heritage City of Bath, the walkable city teaming with history, and explore with ‘Rome Around Marvellous Bath Museums’, the new summer trail linking thirteen museums across the city.

Bath Museums is a collection of thirteen museums from the quirky to the classical. ‘Rome Around Marvellous Bath Museums’ runs from 24th July – 25th October and is a collaborative campaign designed to get more visitors into Bath’s museums by exploring the city more widely.

Use the colourful map to find the thirteen different museums scattered across the city. Choose from either the whole city trail or smaller thematic trails such as the ‘Fine Art’ trail or the ‘Science & Innovation’ trail.

Pick up a leaflet from a ‘live’ roaming Roman statue or follow blue footprints located outside each accredited museum. There will also be chalk artistry outside the Visitor Information Centre by local artist Tobias Newbigin, to capture the imagination of visitors. Bath’s ‘bijou’ layout means that everything is within walking distance; take in stunning Georgian architecture and retrace their steps as you promenade through Bath’s beautiful cityscape.

Participating museums include:

American Museum in Britain
The American Museum in Britain is the only museum outside the US to showcase the decorative arts of America. Based at Claverton Manor, a glorious Georgian building set in 120 acres of stunning scenery, it boasts an outstanding collection which includes an impressive selection of quilts.

Victoria Art Gallery
The Victoria Art Gallery boasts an eclectic mix of temporary exhibitions and also a permanent collection, which showcases work by artists who lived and worked in the area such as Gainsborough and Sickert.

Museum of Bath Architecture
How did a provincial town turn into the world famous Georgian Spa? The Museum of Bath Architecture helps you peel away Bath’s many layers and understand the secrets behind the city’s bricks and mortar.

Museum of East Asian Art
The Museum of East Asian Art hosts a collection of artefacts from all over Asia. Located just off The Circus, visitors can discover incredible craftsmanship such as jade, ceramics and metalware, some dating back to 5,000 BC.

Holburne Museum
See Britain through Venetian eyes with the Holburne Museum’s current exhibition, ‘Canaletto: Celebrating Britain’. The museum also displays treasures and masterpieces from the Renaissance to Gainsborough and beyond.

Fashion Museum
One of the world’s top ten fashionable dress museums, the Fashion Museum is home to both exquisitely designed Georgian clothing as well as dresses by Dior and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few designers.

Herschel Museum of Astronomy
Stand where William Herschel once did when he first discovered Uranus in 1781. The astronomer’s home shows his workshop, music room, a gallery showing temporary exhibitions and a garden with a telescope of Herschel’s own construction propped up where he once stood gazing up at the stars.

Museum of Bath at Work
Did you know that Plasticine was invented in Bath?! Visitors will find the largest collection of plasticine at the Museum of Bath at Work. 12,000 soft drink bottles and a 1914 Horstmann car are but a few of the quirky artefacts on display, all housed in an 18th century Real Tennis Court.

No1 Royal Crescent
Wander through the streets of Bath and you are immediately impressed by the city’s Georgian architecture. Venture into No1 Royal Crescent and go back in time to discover what a Georgian household really looked like. Explore the luxurious ‘upstairs’ and take a peek at how ‘downstairs’ lived at Bath’s most prestigious address, the Royal Crescent.

Roman Baths
Walk the same pavements as the Romans did 2,000 years ago. The Roman Baths were built when the Romans first settled in Bath as they gravitated towards the city’s hot water spring. Discover the hidden remains of the Temple of Minerva, which is located underground and walked on by hundreds of tourists every day, oblivious to its very presence.

Beckford’s Tower
Climb the pink spiral staircase and imagine what it would have been like to be novelist William Beckford, notorious for shutting himself away for hours in the tower, reading his books and enjoying sweeping panoramic views.

Bath Postal Museum
The modern postal system started in the very spot where the Bath Postal Museum now stands. The first stamp was posted from Bath, as was the first mail coach. There are also children activities, such as costumes and the ‘mail computer challenge’.

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution
Explore the exciting current of the Enlightenment, where free-thinkers explored everything from religion to science. Join others with a thirst for knowledge and explore this phenomenon.

By visiting one of these museums you can enter the prize draw and win a ‘Twilight for Two Package’ at Thermae Bath Spa; also pick up a Museum Spa Pass and you will get three hours for the price of two at Thermae Bath Spa.’

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